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MenoClear – The Natural Solution for Menopause

If you want to eliminate your menopause symptoms during the day and at night, then MenoClear is the product for you. Of all the menopause relief supplements currently available on the market, this is the one that deserves a closer look and very likely, the one that will change your life!

It contains the highest quality natural ingredients, in the correct dose and potency to offer relief from symptoms during the day and at night. It does not contain any additives or preservatives, and is totally 100% safe to use. The range of key ingredients it contains is second to none including Protykin®, ammonium succinate, 5-HTP, passion flower extract, melatonin, black cohosh and calcium.

Quality: MenoClear contains high grade, 100% natural, clinically verified ingredients that are GMP certified.

Reputation: Their reputation is top quality. This manufacturer has several third party monitoring services, including buySAFE, Norton, and Trustee, as well as an A+ rating from the quality monitoring company Quality Trusted.

Money Back Guarantee: Every item sold, is supported by a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Such guarantees from manufacturers show a strong confidence in their products’ ability to deliver results. Great news for consumers.

What’s more, they are well known in the industry and an established company that provides great customer support service, secure and easy checkout as well as prompt, efficient delivery.

Their commitment to the health industry and consumer is excellent, providing further qualification of efficacy by producing their products in an FDA registered laboratory.

If you are looking for a product that ticks all bases, to stop menopause symptoms during the day and at night, from an established reputable company with an excellent money back guarantee, this is the supplement to try.

It would be good to note that, due to high demand, MenoClear is often sold out. To avoid having to back order, don’t hesitate to make that purchase when you see it in stock.

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Rating: Good



#2 Pick


In our #2 spot is Menozac. This product contains a good blend of natural phytoestrogen botanicals and no artificial ingredients which should work well to help combat some of the symptoms associated with menopause (mood swings and hot flashes). It seems that it takes at least a week for it to begin to show any improvements in consumers. There are no side effects mentioned on the label or on the website.

The company provides a limited 90 day return policy since it is only valid for unopened or unused products. On top of that, consumers are not reimbursed for shipping and handling costs and there is a $10.00 restocking fee for returns.

We found many positive reviews for this product that remarked that this was a gentle and effective product. However, we did also found on some other retailers sites, a number of people that reported it took over a week to see any results, while others experienced little to no effect.

Even though Menozac seems to have a lend of natural phytoestrogen botanicals, it could be better by simply including several more key ingredients and listing any side effects, in the interest of full disclosure. That said, if you don’t mind taking a chance, this product might work for you.

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Rating: OK


#3 Pick


Avlimil Menopause Relief holds several positive elements as well as some negative points too. The ingredients it contains are effective at addressing some of the primary symptoms of menopause. Avlimil is designed to balance hormonal levels during menopause and supplement deficiencies that may be present in the body. It also helps with both daytime and nighttime symptoms. The manufacturer of Avlimil states that its contains all natural ingredients which are considered safe, so there’s little risk of dangerous side effects. However, we gave it our number three rating because it contains far fewer ingredients than the products earning our highest rating.

Avlimil retails for $29.95 for a bottle. The manufacturer offers a risk free, 60-day guarantee money back guarantee. We did not find many testimonials which could give us a clearer picture if this is something that works and we found some negative feedback on several retailer sites, which alarmed us a little. We were also concerned with the free month trial that is offered by this manufacturer. Our experience within this industry shows that these free trial offers are simply a way to get your credit card details making it so difficult to cancel the order. We say, read the small print before ordering this product.

Avlimil does have some useful ingredients which can take care of some of the major symptoms of menopause but we felt with a few small tweaks, it could be better. Avlimil could benefit as well by improving its potency and lowering the dosage to increase the value of the product. We were also concerned that we found negative feedback on retailer sellers and that it provides a free month trial which could indicate a company that isn’t totally transparent. Like we said, pros and cons, it could work but you need to do your homework with this choice.

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