Menopause Well Being has a proprietary blend of soy and herbal extracts rich in isoflavones, shown to provide menopause support by relieving discomfort and providing cardioprotective and bone-strengthening benefits.




Chopra Center Menopause Well Being Ingredients

Serving Size: 2 Tablets mg/tab

  • 50.000 Asparagus Root 5:1 Extract (Shatvari) [Draco] 100 mg per serving.
  • 20.000 BLACK COHOSH 4-9:1 EXTRACT (Cimicufuga rhizome) 40 mg per serving.
  • 20.000 GOTU KOLA 4:1 EXTRACT 40 mg per serving.
  • 2.000 VITAMIN D3 – CHOLECALCIFEROL (100,000 IU/gram) 400 IU Vitamin D3 per serving.
  • 617.648 CALCIUM CARBONATE GRANULAR (34% Ca) 420 mg Calcium per serving.
  • 102.565 CALCIUM CARBONATE POWDER (39% Ca) 80 mg Calcium per serving.
  • 50.000 EMBLIC MYROBALAN FRUIT POWDER (AMLA) (Phyllanthus emblica) 100 mg per serving.
  • 50.000 SOY ISOFLAVONE 40% (NOVASOY) 100 mg per serving.


Take two Menopause Well Being tablets daily. 60 Tablets per Bottle.


$28.00 for a 60 tablet bottle (a 1 month supply).

Chopra Center Menopause Well Being Guarantee

The vendor offers a 30 day return policy from date of purchase for a full refund and also provides a contact phone number in product source information. on their website.


This product is on the expensive side at $28..00 for a one month supply. Because the vendor source contains no testimonials there is no way to easily evaluate product effectiveness. by using the vendor source. While a prospective purchaser is not taking a costly risk to try a one month supply (the product is available without a prescription) a prospective purchaser may still want to have the product reviewed by a physician or other health service professional prior to purchase.

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