The beautiful blue and orange colors which encompass this product will easily catch any eye.

However, the claims of this remedy will be what make each customer linger. Claiming to help with mood swings, hot flashes, irritability, vaginal dryness, and lack of sexual vitality, Liddell seems to help with many of the symptoms associated with menopause.

However, if this is really the case, why can very few reviews be found? Because of the lack of response, we must look at the elements of this product do deduce its true success.

Menopause By Liddell Laboratories Ingredients

After researching this product from Liddell Laboratories, a list of ingredients could not be found. A company should always list the ingredients in each of their products in order that customers can review them before making a purchase.


This homeopathic remedy is slightly different from other supplements as it is a spray. Therefore, consumers should take 2 sprays, three times a day. There is no indication that this supplement should be taken along with foods or liquids.


Liddell’s menopause supplement can be purchased on their website for $13.95. With this purchase, customers will receive 1 fl. oz. It should also be noted that Liddell does provide discounts for customers who sign up for Liddell’s Wellness Rewards. With each purchase, customers will receive points that can eventually go towards a free product of their choice, thus making repurchase cheaper.

Menopause By Liddell Laboratories Guarantee

In the process of researching this particular product, no specific guarantee was discovered. This should be an element of concern for those considering Liddell’s product. A company should always provide a guarantee with all products as this creates a safety net for new customers.


After reviewing the information provided above, several cons predominately stand out and overshadow all the good this product could potentially do. The first con concerns the fact that Liddell does not inform customers about ingredients. This could raise questions for users: What is in this product that Liddell is trying to hide? Is there something in there that I am allergic to? If they would hide the ingredients, can I truly trust this company? All these questions could easily tell a customer that other supplements may be the best option. Another con to this product is the lack of a guarantee. Because Liddell does not provide a guarantee with their product, all customers’ money is at risk. If results of this supplement are void, users will have essentially thrown money away.

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