Asensia is an herbal supplement that is indicated for progesterone balance. Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone in a woman’s body. It effects the uterus, mammary glands, as well as the brain. Present in almost every cell in a woman’s body, progesterone has many effects and multiple jobs. It is extremely important during pregnancy, as it is needed for the embryo to become implanted.

Asensia is claimed to be able to balance out progesterone levels to make all of these many functions operate at 100%.

Daily Wellness Company Asensia Formula

Throughout the extensive and thorough research we have done, we have unfortunately found that Asensia has no formula listed on their site.


With all of the research we have completed, we have come across no dosages listed for the product Asensia.


When we researched Asensia, we found that Asensia has no price listed anywhere on their site.

Daily Wellness Company Asensia Guarantee

Throughout the process of our research done on the product Asensia, we have found that Asensia comes with no guarantee.


Asensia is not a supplement. It is a nothing. All we were able to find about the supplement is claims of what it can do. However, neither the ingredients used in Asensia, the recommended dosage, or a price of any kind were found throughout our research, especially not on the products sales page.

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