Nutrapathic Post-Menopause is a hormone balance and bone supplement that offers a complete variety of the nutrients that are important for post menopause women. After menopause, a woman’s body is far less able to break down and absorb calcium. Therefore, taking a mega dose of calcium will not be enough. In fact, this can even result in excess calcium being stored and building up in the kidneys, in the gallbladder, or on blood vessel walls resulting in kidney stones, gall stones, and clogged arteries.

Our hormone balance and bone supplements contain special ingredients that will provide necessary calcium while also helping the body to absorb and utilize calcium. These hormone balance and bone supplements will provide the necessary nutrients that your body needs to bring it into harmony and balance. This will allow you to absorb the calcium needed for strong teeth and bones.

Nutrapathic Post-Menopause Ingredients

EACH TABLET CONTAINS: Calcium (from egg shell) 50 mg, Magnesium (as amino acid carbonate, oxide) 100 mg, Collagen (chicken) 45 mg, Lact-Amino Type C 38 mg, Soy Protein digest 38 mg, Wild Yam Extract (6% saponins) 50 mg.

Each tablet also contains a 33 mg PROPRIETARY BLEND OF: Mucin, Safflower Oil, Horsetail (herb), Glutamic Acid HCL, Pituitary (porcine), Thymus (porcine).


No information is available in the product source about daily dosage.


$16.00 for 60 tablets.

Nutrapathic Post-Menopause Guarantee

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